The Awards and Scholarships that NYIFT offers are as follows:

  • 3 Graduate Scholarship – Awarded at Student Night
  • 2 Undergraduate Scholarship – Awarded at Student Night
  • Funds 1 Graduate Scholarship and 2 Undergraduate Scholarships through the IFT
  • 1 Dependent Scholarship – In recognition of a DEPENDENT of a Member of NYIFT. The child must be a senior in high school or a student in College.
  • Poster Presentation Awards are given First, Second, and Third Place to Graduate Students and as special recognition to an Undergraduate Student
  • NYIFT Outstanding Volunteer Award(s)
  • Elizabeth Fleming Stier Award – Awarded in odd years only. – Awarded for the pursuit of humanitarian ideals and unselfish dedication to the food industry, academia, students, or the general public


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