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2018 IFT Fellow from NYIFT Section

Harold Levine, Ph.D.
Associate Consultant, Food Polymer Science Consultancy

Harry Levine is a globally recognized industrial food scientist who, in his 38-year-long partnership with Louise Slade, has pioneered a food polymer science (FPS) approach to studies of water-plasticized food systems, and championed the concepts of glass transition/glassy state/Tg and their applicability to both industrial and academic R&D. He has received several prestigious awards from IFT and the American Association of Cereal Chemists International (AACCI), and major awards from General Foods, Nabisco, and Kraft. Levine has 44 granted patents (42 U.S. + 2 EP), 33 of which have been industrially commercialized, for novel food ingredients, products, and processes. He also has more than 250 publications and presentations, with more than 8,000 citations. Levine and Slade developed an FPS short course that they have presented publicly 28 times since 1987, to approximately 800 attendees in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia, under the sponsorship of six different professional organizations.


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2017 IFT Fellow from NYIFT Section


Beverly Tepper, PhD
Professor, Rutgers University, New Jersey

As an accomplished professor at Rutgers University, Beverly Tepper has made important and sustained contributions to the field of sensory science. Her cross-cutting work uses techniques in sensory science, taste genetics, psychology, and nutrition to better understand the role of taste in food choice, health, and wellness. Her innovative research linking taste genetics with eating behavior transformed the concept of personalized nutrition. She shows exemplary leadership in promoting the understanding of sensory science through her various roles as a researcher, educator, and mentor. She is deeply committed to professional service and educating the next generation of sensory professionals.