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The NYIFT, which was established in 1942 as a regional section of the Institute of Food Technologists, has much to offer its members.  The section includes members from Northern and Central New Jersey, New York City and Southeastern New York State (excluding Long Island).  To serve members better, a Central New Jersey (CNJ) subsection was founded in 1980. Membership in the CNJ subsection is included in your NYIFT membership dues.

A Note from our Chairs

Spencer Sullivan – PepsiCo NYIFT Chair

Amy Gilliland CNJIFT Chair

On behalf of New York and Central New Jersey IFT, welcome to the 2020-2021 program year.  We began our season last year with a very well attended dinner event featuring a panel discussion on CBDs.  Even as that subject provided us with a glimpse of a very different future for the food industry, we had no idea at that time just how different everything would be just six months later.  COVID-19 has changed the way we live and the way the food industry functions.  Fortunately, as an organization, we managed to stay nimble.  We reconfigured our April PepsiCo joint NY/Nutmeg IFT meeting from in-person to a live virtual event.  Our successful event allowed us to set an example of how to succeed despite lockdown requirements for both National IFT and other local Sections.  Once again, we were named as a Section of Excellence.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to this recognition.

The single disappointment coming out of the 2019-2020 season was the postponement of Suppliers Day.  This is an important event for our organization both in terms of business for our members and revenue generation for our Section.   Our Section Administrator & Event Manager, Gerri Cristantiello, did an outstanding job minimizing costs for the canceled event and recreating a virtual version as something for us to look forward to in September.

As we came together to plan our 2020-2021 program, we acknowledged that for the remainder of 2020 our meetings will need to be virtual. Accentuating the positive, virtual meetings, will allow us to stay safe while at the same time, allow us to keep current with food industry trends. We will build off last year’s success with another session on emerging CBD and Hemp trends as part of the NYIFT Virtual Supplier, Technical Webinar and Career Fair, to be held September 21 – 25, 2020. Additional details are provided in this newsletter. We will continue into the season with hot topics speakers covering subjects such as food satiety and fiber, plant-based meat alternatives, and consumer trends.  In October, we will be fortunate to have the new President of IFT, Noel Anderson as our guest speaker. Noel is a long-time member of NYIFT and he also was a founding member of the Central New Jersey subsection.

The Section has a long-standing commitment to support students studying Food Science.  New York and Central New Jersey IFT provide funding through scholarship and stipends and perhaps more importantly provide career networking opportunities as an organization of food science professionals.  As we begin a new school unlike any other, students will need our assistance now more than ever. Face to face or in-person meeting will hopefully resume in January 2021. One of our most popular gatherings is the February Student Night, in New Brunswick. We hope to see everyone there!

Our past success is fully the result of a volunteer effort.  Our future success depends on new volunteers who are willing to commit time and effort.  The value of “many hands making light work” is certainly apparent in this organization.  None of leadership tasks are that time-consuming or difficult, especially when long term members are always present to provide guidance. Please consider taking a small part in this organization.  Being part of a successful team provides personal satisfaction and in the long run, the advancement of Food Science benefits everyone.

Here’s to a successful and healthy 2020-2021 NYIFT and CNJIFT Program Year!