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The NYIFT, which was established in 1942 as a regional section of the Institute of Food Technologists, has much to offer its members.  The section includes members from Northern and Central New Jersey, New York City and Southeastern New York State (excluding Long Island).  To serve members better, a Central New Jersey (CNJ) subsection was founded in 1980. Membership in the CNJ subsection is included in your NYIFT membership dues.

An October Message from NYIFT Chair Sophia Jin 

Hello fellow food scientists,

The weather has cooled down and Fall is finally here. So many reasons to enjoy this season, whether it’s the changing leaves, pumpkin lattes, fun festivals, or just the cool and crisp air. I hope that you will enjoy a nice Fall evening with us at McLoone’s Boathouse in West Orange, New Jersey where we will be discussing the recent innovations and trends in the food and beverage industry. 

From fields to reactor vessels, come and learn from the experts on what the future of ingredient manufacturing will look like with a great overlook of the water and changing leaves on October 6 starting at 5:00 PM.  

On behalf of the board of NYIFT, I look forward to seeing you all at the October NYIFT in-person dinner meeting.

Sophia, Global Business Manager – Sun Chemical

A 2022-2023 Note from our Chairs

NYIFT Chair Sophia Jin

It’s been fourteen years since I first came to the United States carrying just two pieces of luggage and a dream to learn about the sciences of food. It’s been a long journey for me, growing from a budding student to a business leader in the Food and Beverage industry.

I am extremely honored to step into the Chair position for the New York IFT 2022-2023. As a local chapter of IFT, we strive to build a diverse community where we can discuss, promote, and advance the science of food and its applications. We aim to nurture and support local food science and technology students who aspire to grow their careers in this great industry.

As the NYIFT Chair for this year, I am committed to maintaining these ambitions and also to evolving our section. I hope to modernize our approaches for connection with one another and with the industry as a whole.

I look forward to seeing you in person and virtually at out upcoming events which can be found on page 5 of this newsletter.


CNJIFT Chair Carol BoNey

Welcome everyone to another year of great speakers and opportunities for networking. I am Carol BoNey, and it’s an honor to be Chair of the CNJ subsection again. This section is dear to my heart as it was founded around the time my job with General Foods was relocated to Central Jersey. I joined the section in 1981, and I continue to be an active member.

I am currently enjoying retirement after spending over 45 years in the industry. I worked as a product developer at General Foods, and as a sensory scientist at both Unilever and International Flavors & Fragrances.

All committee members met during the summer to provide you with exciting speakers and topics. Finding a venue for our in-person meetings has been a challenge. Due to increased food prices since the pandemic, restaurants have increased their pricing from 3 years ago. So, you may notice an increase in pricing for our dinner meetings versus previous years.

You will also notice that we are having one meeting per month between the two sections. CNJIFT will start in September with and in-person meeting on the Challenges of Novel Foods/Plant-based Fermentation. The speaker is Dr. Kartheek Anekella, Head of Food Science at Orbillion Bio. NYIFT will follow in October with a panel discussion on Natural Preservatives Enzyme Fermentation. We will have a joint meeting in November and CNJIFT will host its Holiday meeting in early December. Our Annual Suppliers Day will be held on April 4 at the NJ Expo Center in Edison, NJ followed by the Golf Outing in June.

I look forward to meeting with everyone at our in-person meeting in September at Pierre’s in South Brunswick.

Thank you for your continued support of NYIFT and CNJIFT.