Long Island IFT Dinner Meetings

The Long Island IFT is a separate Section of IFT. Visit their website at www.longislandift.org.
We will post their upcoming dinner meetings on this page.

Long Island IFT Dinner Meeting

Monday, January 27, 2020

Date:         Monday, January 27, 2020
Tours of the laboratory will be given at 5:30 pm; 5:50 pm and 6:10 pm .. Details will follow
                  Networking 5:00 pm – 6:45 pm
                  Dinner 6:45 pm  | Presentation at 7:30 pm
Title:         Food Forensics: How one Laboratory Solves your Mysteries
Speaker:   Samuel Liu, Ph.D., Science Officer & Chief Entomologist, Food Forensics Department – Certified Laboratories, Inc.
Venue:      Certified Laboratories, Inc., 65 Marcus Drive, Melville, NY 11747
Due to Limited Space,
reservations must be made by noon on Jan 24. Registration at the door will only be acceptable on a space available basis.
Contact Carol Zamojcin before January 24 at 516-352-5772 or via Email at cazamojcin@aol.com

Fee:              With reservation – $40         At the Door – $50
Payment must be made in cash or checks, no credit cards. 
IFT Membership is not required to attend any section meeting. 

Come and enjoy a tour of Certified Laboratories, dinner, and an evening of networking.

Food contamination and economically motivated adulteration have always been major concerns of food safety. Forensics investigation is a challenging and complex process which requires not only a strong and well-established laboratory with a wide range of forensics equipment, but also personnel with extensive knowledge, skills and a wealth of experience. Certified Laboratories provides a wide range of services for the food industry for the investigation of physical adulterants and contaminants in all types of foods and beverages, spices, seafood, grain products, vegetables, juices, etc., including identification of unknown materials and evaluation of its sources or root cause. The presentation will provide the audience with an inside look on how the examination process is accomplished. Using actual examples, you will understand how the magical investigation is approached and how the mysteries are uncovered.

About Samuel Liu, Ph.D. , Science Officer and Chief Entomologist, Food Forensics Department , Certified Laboratories 

Dr. Samuel Liu is the Science Officer and Chief Entomologist of the Food Forensics Department at Certified Laboratories, Inc. He has many years of experience in research of agricultural commodity quality and pest control on fresh vegetables, fruits, nursery product, post harvest/stored grains, field crops and livestock. For many decades he has worked in well-known universities and USDA research laboratories. In 2013, he joined Certified Laboratories and has been providing scientific and technical expertise in leading food forensics investigation and identification, developing procedures, and exploring new business. Dr. Liu received his M.S.in Entomology/Postharvest Insects and his Ph.D. in Entomology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, both from Oklahoma State University.

A Message from the Chair Allison Jeffrey – Batory Foods

Happy New Year!! A New Year and a New Decade. What will the food industry have in in store for us over the next 10 years? WOW, I can hardly imagine. Nonetheless, I am really looking forward to new trends, products, regulations, discoveries, etc. I hope you are too. The Long Island IFT section, in conjunction with the New York/NJ Section promises to keep you up to date on all new adventures. We are starting off the New Year with a “field trip,” for our bi monthly dinner. We invite all our valuable members and their colleagues to attend a facility tour and presentation at Certified Laboratories. Not only will we be getting a tour, we will be receiving, a presentation from their Food Forensics Department regarding , “Investigation and Identification of food physical contamination and adulteration.” Dinner will be provided along with our usual shenanigans and networking! I look forward to seeing you all on Monday night Jan. 27th, at Certified Laboratories in Melville, N.Y.  

Read More in the Gazette, Long Island IFT’s newsletter

To make a reservation contact Carol Zamojcin at 516-352-5772 or via email at cazamojcin@aol.com. – When calling, please leave your name, company name, email address, and phone number.

Upcoming Meeting Dates
Monday, April 6, 2020
Monday, June 8, 2020