Student Scholarship Winners

Scholarship Winners 2020
Congratulations to the 2020 NYIFT Scholarship Winners!

(L-R) Scholarship Winners: Thomas Culp, Regina O’Brien, Morgan Kandrac, Scholarship Chair Carol BoNey,
Poster Presentation Winners: Jengwen Gao, Neeta Yousaf, and Marina Girbal

Dependent ScholarshipAlexandra Pappas

Carol BoNey, Chair of the Scholarship Committee, presented the NYIFT Dependent Scholarship to Alexandra (Alex) Pappas! Congratulations to Alex, daughter of NYIFT Member Chris Pappas who works at Mother Murphy’s. Alex was presented with a check for $1,000. Alex tells us that her grandparents and her father have all enjoyed long, happy and successful careers in the food industry.  Her grandfather and dad in food science and her grandmother in sensory, all studied their passion in college, graduated and began careers that allowed financial stability, growth and satisfaction.  Listening to their stories of success and failures furthers her thought that passion is the key to success in a career.  Alex hopes that her quest is similar, and allows her to fulfill her dream … and success will follow. This award represents the NYIFT’s commitment to the growth and support of students.

Graduate Student Winners ($1,500 each):
Regina O’Brien   |  Ke Sui   |   Morgan Kandrac

Undergraduate Student Winners ($1,000 each):
Thomas Culp   |   Ziva Rimmon   |   Akino Tomizawa

Poster Winners 2020
Congratulations to the Poster Presentation Winners!

1st Place $500: Jengwen Gao
Effects of Photosensitizer Curcumin in Inactivating Foodborne Pathogens on Chicken Skin

2nd Place $300: Neeta Yousaf
Salivary Protein Levels after Exposure to Astringent Stimuli  

3rd Place $200: Marina Girbal
Validation of Existing Combase Models for Suitability in Ten Different Types of Whole Uncut Fresh Produce

Undergraduate Special Recognition $100: Nicolle Radeke
From Waste to a Product: Iron-Protein Supplement Production from Acid Whey Using Electrocoagulation Processing

The followng Posters were also displayed at Student Night: February 12 2020

Design and Development of Laboratory Scale Hydroponic System for
Growing Sweet Basil Using Plasma Activated Nutrient Solution (PANS)

Presented by: Manasi Date

High Pressure-Assisted Infusion of Calcium into Baby Carrots
Presented by: Noopur Gosavi

The Evaluation of Using Household Washing Solution to Inactivate Antibiotics
Authors: Xin Luo and Karl R. Matthews

Cost Reduction of Acid Whey Pollution and Iron-Protein Supplement Production
by the Application of Electrocoagulation
Presented by: Chi Nguyen

Biosynthesis of Novel Polymethoxy Flavones Using a New Strain of Yeast
Presented by: Shiwei Su

Analyzing Diet-Induced Changes in the Gut Microbiota
Presented by: Kevin Tveter

Comparative Analysis of Bioavailability, Biotransformation and Excretion of Nobiletin
in Normal and Obese Rate

Presented by Man Zhang


2019 Winners

Dependent ScholarshipJessica Fritsche 

Carol BoNey, Chair of the Scholarship Committee, presented the NYIFT Dependent Scholarship to Jessica Fritsche! Congratulations to Jessica, daughter of NYIFT Member Jo Ann Fritsche who works at IFF. Jessica was presented with a check for $1,000. Jessica was first introduced into science by her mom, a food scientist. She has participated in Bring Your Child to Work Day and her mom has spoken about her career in various classes. This award represents the NYIFT’s commitment to the growth and support of students.

Undergraduate Scholarship ($1,000) 
Taylor Borz | Beatriz Dos Santos

Graduate Scholarship ($1,500)
Robyn Miranda  |  Ruoyuan Du |  Kevin Tveter

Congratulations to the Poster Presentation Winners!

1st Place $500
Danlei Chen – Direct Formation of 3-D Printed Food Structures Using Viscous Jet Coiling Instability

2nd Place $300
Yan Zhang – Functional nano-adsorbent embedded packages to regulate ethylene for banana shelf life extension

3rd Place $200
Man Zhang – Effect of Aged Citrus Peel (Chenpi) Extract On Modulation of Gut Microbiota from High-Fat Diet Induced Obese Mice

The following posters were also displayed:

Jingwen Gao – Antimicrobial Activity of Photosensitizer Curcumin and Its Potential Applications on Chicken

Ruya Ji – Prevalence of multi-antibiotic resistant bacteria on Conventional-produced and Organic-produced Apples in the United States

Angela Moressi

Niketkumar Patel –Effects of Common Household Chemicals on Microbial Populations on Lettuce Leaves and Antibiotic degradation and residue removal

Ke Sui

Kevin Tveter – Grape polyphenols suppress secondary bile acid production in association with improved blood glucose homeostasis and increased intestinal Akkermansia muciniphila in hyperphagic db/db mice

Zihao Wei – Developing organogel-based Pickering emulsions with improved freeze-thaw stability and hesperidin bioaccessibility

Bo Yuan


Congratulations to the NYIFT Scholarship Winners!

Graduate Student Winners. Each student received $1,500
Danlei Chen  |  Robyn Miranda  |  Regina O’Brien  | Kevin Tveter

Undergraduate Student Winners. Each student received $1,000
Tylor Borz  |  Alexia Clarfella  |  Sara Faghani

and special thanks to the judges: Ms. Melanie Gong, Chairperson, along with Dr. Paul Takhistov and Dr. Beverly Tepper.

Congratulations to the NYIFT Dependent Scholarship Winner!

Chloe Stern – Daughter of IFT Member Gloria DeMatos Stern. Chloe received $1,000

Congratulations to the Poster Competition Winners!

First Place Winner $500: Neeta Y. Yousaf
A Role for PROP Status in the Individual Variation in Development of Astringency – Neeta Y. Yousaf

Second Place Winner $300: Yueming Pang
Mathematical Modeling of Produce Washing in an Industrial-scale Flume Washer – Yueming Pang

Third Place Winner $200: Licheng Huang
The Influence of Water Antimicrobials and Low Temperature Storage on Inactivating MS2 Bacteriophage on Whole Strawberries
— Licheng Huang, Xin Luo, Jingwen Gao and Karl Matthews

Undergraduate Winner $100: Alexia Ciarfella
Characterization of Gelation Kinetics of Gelatin Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy
— Alexia Ciarfella, P.C. Kahn, R. Chib, S. Ilg, C. Escusa, M.G. Corradini, and R.D. Ludescher

and special thanks to the judges: Melanie Gong, Chairperson, along with Joseph Hildebrand, Lisa Rosenberg, Dr. Paul Takhistov and Dr. Beverly Tepper.

The following posters were also displayed:

Amorphous Solid Dispersion of Felodipine with Zein Protein as the Excipient by Spray Drying – Hongwei Zang

Process and Agent-Based Modeling for Risk Assessment of Norovirus on Frozen Berries – Robyn Miranda

Effect of Surface Characteristics of Salmonella Newport on the Bacterial Transfer During Cucumber Peeling – Jiin Jung & Donald W. Schaffner

Measuring and Modeling the Influence of Temperature and Relative Humidity on the Survival of Enterobacter aerogenes – Matt Igo

Quantitative Modeling and Design of Essential Oil Nanoemulsion Delivery Systems for Strong Antimicrobial Action Against Listeria monocytogenes— Dina Al-Mansoori

Role of Surfactant-Extracellular Polymeric Substances in the Removal of Listeria monocytogenes biofilm from Spinach Leaves
— Firas Al-Bayati