Student Scholarship Winners 2018

Poster Presentations & Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the NYIFT Scholarship Winners!

Graduate Student Winners. Each student received $1,500
Danlei Chen  |  Robyn Miranda  |  Regina O’Brien  | Kevin Tveter

Undergraduate Student Winners. Each student received $1,000
Tylor Borz  |  Alexia Clarfella  |  Sara Faghani

and special thanks to the judges: Ms. Melanie Gong, Chairperson, along with Dr. Paul Takhistov and Dr. Beverly Tepper.

Congratulations to the NYIFT Dependent Scholarship Winner!

Chloe Stern – Daughter of IFT Member Gloria DeMatos Stern. Chloe received $1,000

Congratulations to the Poster Competition Winners!

First Place Winner $500: Neeta Y. Yousaf
A Role for PROP Status in the Individual Variation in Development of Astringency – Neeta Y. Yousaf

Second Place Winner $300: Yueming Pang
Mathematical Modeling of Produce Washing in an Industrial-scale Flume Washer – Yueming Pang

Third Place Winner $200: Licheng Huang
The Influence of Water Antimicrobials and Low Temperature Storage on Inactivating MS2 Bacteriophage on Whole Strawberries
— Licheng Huang, Xin Luo, Jingwen Gao and Karl Matthews

Undergraduate Winner $100: Alexia Ciarfella
Characterization of Gelation Kinetics of Gelatin Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy
— Alexia Ciarfella, P.C. Kahn, R. Chib, S. Ilg, C. Escusa, M.G. Corradini, and R.D. Ludescher

and special thanks to the judges: Melanie Gong, Chairperson, along with Joseph Hildebrand, Lisa Rosenberg, Dr. Paul Takhistov and Dr. Beverly Tepper.

The following posters were also displayed:

Amorphous Solid Dispersion of Felodipine with Zein Protein as the Excipient by Spray Drying – Hongwei Zang

Process and Agent-Based Modeling for Risk Assessment of Norovirus on Frozen Berries – Robyn Miranda

Effect of Surface Characteristics of Salmonella Newport on the Bacterial Transfer During Cucumber Peeling – Jiin Jung & Donald W. Schaffner

Measuring and Modeling the Influence of Temperature and Relative Humidity on the Survival of Enterobacter aerogenes – Matt Igo

Quantitative Modeling and Design of Essential Oil Nanoemulsion Delivery Systems for Strong Antimicrobial Action Against Listeria monocytogenes— Dina Al-Mansoori

Role of Surfactant-Extracellular Polymeric Substances in the Removal of Listeria monocytogenes biofilm from Spinach Leaves
— Firas Al-Bayati